I am

Good design is not just what looks good.
It also needs to perform, convert, astonish, and fulfill its purpose.
It can be innovative or it might just get the job done.
A good design is always the simplest possible working solution.




A graphic designer and a web developer.

After I had completed Graphic Design in Kensington and Chelsea College, I was working with many design houses. Then I moved back to Warsaw and started working for an advertising agency, where I discovered my fascination with user interface and a website front end design.

Soon I came across Webflow, which allowed me to design and develop websites, where the only limitation is my imagination.

For many years I have developed good relationships with my Clients, helping them to have a strong and professional branding and to differentiate them from the competitors.

I like simplicity and a clean, minimalistic design with a sole function of communicating a message as qucikly and efficiently as possble. I believe that my skills are there to help my Clients solve their problems.

Let's make web beautiful!


My skills

Graphic designer

Innovative design thinking

Quality design adapted to the needs of the brand. I ensure that you keep your brand authentic and distinct.

Production manager

Coordinating team tasks

Overseeing projects in a design agency and a print house.

UI/UX Designer

Creating the best experience for a user

I have built many user friendly environments and gained good conversions for my Clients

Front-End Developer

My favourite part

Making the web beautiful is the most satisfying part of website design. Webflow allows me to have no boundries in creativity.


Logo design & brand identity

Good design to help you grow your buisness and build strong reputation.

My tools


Main tool for front end

No code revolution is here. Having been a fan of webflow for more than four years, I am a wizard of web now.

Adobe Illustrator

My fundamental work tool

Twenty-two years  of working with this software and still there is no better and more reliable tool in professional market.

Adobe After Effects

Makes your website alive

I use this tool to create the multitude of animations and make your website dynamic and engaging.

Adobe Photoshop

Fashion model maker

But seriously speaking,  the best tool for optimizing pictures for print and Internet.

Adobe InDesign

My essential tool for print

I use this software for all the printing projects to deliver the best quality to the client and no hassle for the printing house.